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Tom Spangler Wins! Thank you for your vote!

Tom Spangler Speaks About His Experience, His Ties to the Community, and Why He Wants to be the Next Knox County Sheriff

“I’ve met with citizens, business owners, factory workers, community activists, emergency responders, sheriff’s deputies, religous groups, parents, teachers, Second Amendment supporters, and even veteran’s groups. I’ver heard your concerns, suggestions, and ideas. I’ve heard the pleas from the men and women of the Knox County Sheriff’s Office and their families. Pleas for an experienced leader. It’s my chance to be your voice.”

Another Law Enforcement Professional Endorses Tom Spangler for Sheriff

Sheriff Jack Stockton has known Tom Spangler for many years. He also knows what it takes to be a good leader in law enforcement. Sheriff Stockton wants you to know that he is supporting and endorsing Tom Spangler for Knox County Sheriff in 2018.

Stockton said, “Tom Spangler is the man Knox County needs as the next sheriff, to better serve the community with his education background and leadership. He has a proven record, he’s the right man, it’s the right time, and the right job. Tom Spangler needs your vote to elect him the next sheriff of Knox County.”

Tim Blackburn Endorses Tom Spangler for Sheriff

Tim Blackburn invested 29 years of his life at the Knox County Sheriff’s Office. During those years, he worked for and with Tom Spangler. Tim believes Tom is the best candidate for Sheriff in 2018, and he is asking you to vote for Tom Spangler for Knox County Sheriff.

500 Years of Experience Say “Yes” to Tom Spangler

Tom Spangler has been a part of the law enforcement community for more than 35 years, beginning as a corrections officer. He is currently running for Knox County Sheriff in 2018. The people in this short video have more than 500 years of experience in law enforcement, and they are supporting Tom Spangler.

We are asking you to vote for Tom Spangler, Knox County Sheriff in 2018. Tested, proven, and committed.

Foster Arnett Endorsement

Lifetime Knoxville resident and civil servant, Foster Arnett, has endorsed Tom Spangler for Knox County Sheriff in 2018. Arnett says, “[Tom Spangler] is the only one that can bring professional policing back to Knox County.”

“The reason I am endorsing and supporting Tom Spangler for Knox County Sheriff, is because I have known him for over 35 years. He’s honest, he has the education, he has the training, he has the trust, and he is the only one that can bring professional policing back to Knox County. Please vote for Tom Spangler for Knox County Sheriff.”


Sheila Palmer Endorsement

Sheila Palmer spent 39 years in law enforcement and retired from the Knox County Sheriff’s Office as a Sergeant. She is endorsing Tom Spangler for Knox County Sheriff in 2018.

Hear Sergeant Palmer explain why you need to vote for Tom Spangler in the upcoming election for sheriff.

The Right Choice

Tom Spangler is Knox County’s choice for Sheriff because he wants to build upon the professionalism of the agency in order to craft a law-enforcement office wherein citizens are treated respectfully by well-trained professionals.

Tom is uniquely qualified to lead such an office.

Over the course of his thirty-six years in law enforcement, he has worked as a Knox County corrections officer, as a deputy on patrol, as an administrator in his role as chief deputy for Knox County, and as training director for both Knox and Blount County Sheriff’s Offices. His excellence in leadership is a proven quantity evidenced by his broad range of experience in the field.

I have known Tom Spangler both professionally and personally for many years. There is no finer man and no finer law enforcement officer than Tom Spangler. He is a leader in the truest sense of the word. He is fair and honest, and his love and concern for the people of Knox County is evident. Tom has my full support for the Office of Knox County Sheriff.

James Lee Berrong, Blount County Sheriff

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Tom Spangler

Why Tom Spangler for Sheriff?


Tom began his service with four years in the Air Force, leaving at the rank of Sergeant. He then launched his career in law enforcement in Knox County. After eight years on patrol, he was promoted to investigator in the narcotics division. He then rose in rank until he became director of the training division, eventually establishing the Knox County Sheriff’s regional training academy, establish an aviation unit that continues to this day.


Even as a young man, Tom was known for both his expertise and character. While in the Air Force, Tom received both marksmanship and commendation awards. While in law enforcement, his reputation has been spotless, a quality as Sheriff he will expect from each of his employees.


Tom envisions a professionally run Sheriff’s Office that embraces progress: in training, in technology, and in tactics. With his background, he is proficient in each of these areas and is ready to implement a vision that isn’t reactive to situations but is proactive in anticipating necessary modifications in a rapidly changing law enforcement environment.


Fairness and consistency are watchwords for Tom Spangler. With Tom, you get what you see: a man who treats people the way he wants to be treated. He sees serving the community as an honor, and maintains personal integrity as a foundation for that service.

Tested • Proven • Committed

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