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Knox County is no different from any other city across the great United States, when it comes to a drug epidemic, in particular, the opioid addiction that we are seeing and dealing with. As law enforcement is out in force to attempt to curtail the issuance and illegal sales of the drug, it is only scratching the surface on stopping the sale and use.

Obviously, not only does our community need to be better educated, but better communication between our community and the Sheriff’s Office has to come together.

I know that our local law enforcement, District  Attorney’s Office and other community leaders have worked together to not only fight this issue, but also come up with ideas to deal with those with mental issues by approving a location to take them in lieu of jail.

I am all for taking on both these issues, but what I am concerned about is the fact that during all the talks and discussions to combat the opioid and mental issues, not one time has there been any talk about the victims of the crimes that were committed by those using drugs or addicted to drugs.

Don’t get me wrong, I applaud and acknowledge the fact we have to do something to curtail both issues, I just do not want our citizens (victims) to be forgotten.