Did you know the number of patrolmen currently on the streets of Knox County is up?

As your Sheriff, I continue in my dedication to your safety, making our neighborhoods and streets safer! Your subdivisions and homes are targets for daytime home burglaries while you are at work or school. I am proud to show our number of patrol officers from 2017 (Before I entered office) until now has slowly grown, even in the trying times when hiring law enforcement professionals is challenging across the United States.

Comparing our Patrol numbers from the same Patrol shifts five years apart shows we are slowly growing to put more patrol officers on the street, patrolling your neighborhoods and deterring crime while you and your family are not home.

In March of 2017, we had the following on patrol shifts

Patrol Shift March 2017
6 Supervisors
18 Patrolman
3 K-9’s
1 Transport Officer

This total is 27 officers on average per patrol shift in 2017.

Patrol Shift March 2022
6 Supervisors
22 Officers
3 K-9 Officers
1 Transport Officer

This total is 32 officers on average per patrol shift in 2022.

As Sheriff of Knox County, I am committed to utilizing our patrol and special services units to cultivate crime prevention awareness and bring law enforcement and citizens together. The safety of our citizens is my top priority.

I want to say personally thank you. The citizens of Knox County continue to show our men and women they’re appreciated and valued. It’s an honor to serve as your Sheriff!