A few things Sheriff Spangler and his team have accomplished while in office.

– Created better IT infrastructure with a new website and innovative crime mapping technology to better inform citizens of crime patterns in and around their neighborhoods and businesses

– Took Patrol off of 12-hour shifts, improving officer and community safety

– Put corrections officers back in Class A uniforms to build morale and show unification inside the agency

– Changed tattoo and uniform policy to better retention and recruiting

– Reduced the number of Assistant chief positions as they retired or left and created additional patrol and corrections positions with that money

– Started the D.A.R.E. program back and reinstated fundraising so that the program would be self-sustaining

– Created our Asset Seizure lot saving taxpayers thousands of dollars annually

– Created an Annual Homeschool Safety Day

– Opened the East precinct

– Applied for and was granted a Federal Mental Health Grant. Which pays for reserve deputies to do mental health transports, leaving officers on the road. It also pays for special training which has reduced the use of force reports and trained officers how to better deescalate situations in mental health crisis’.

– Created Officer Assistance Fund

– Brought back the Explorer Program and Citizens Academy

– Fought for raises and secured multiple, substantial one-time bonuses for all officers

– Initiated a community food pantry and toy closet for victims of domestic violence and crime

This is just a small list of things accomplished by Sheriff Spangler, his administration, and dedicated Officers.

There is more work to be done.

Re-Elect Sheriff Tom Spangler

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