HUMBLED! I’ve tried to absorb the outpouring of support from this group tonight. I can’t begin to express how incredibly blessed I feel.

God is going before me, preparing the way for the finality of our campaign journey. As I looked around this room, I saw validation.

I love and appreciate all of you. Thank you for believing in me. I will continue to work hard, serving the office of Sheriff with honesty and integrity. We have some of the best employees around; they’re hardworking, passionate, and dedicated to Knox County and the Knox County Sheriff’s Office. It’s an honor to serve as your Sheriff. I respect the will of the people and vow to honor term limits. This will be my second and final term.

Let’s do this, team! I can’t do it without you all; I’m honored to have you. Fifty-three days until Election Day!

-Tom Spangler, Sheriff