“The number of Americans quitting their jobs was also historically high, at 4.4 million, up from 4.3 million in January. More than 4.5 million people quit in November, the most on records dating back two decades. Many people are taking advantage of numerous opportunities to switch jobs, often for higher pay. The vast majority of those quitting do so to take another position.” -WBIR

Yes, we have vacancies, both law enforcement and civilian positions at the Knox County Sheriff’s Office. We are actively working on hiring new employees and bringing in lateral transfers from other agencies.

We are also diligently working on ways to retain current employees; there’s no replacement for experience. We truly value our employees!

I have worked alongside the County Commission and the County Mayor, requesting 25% in raises since I took office on September 1, 2018.

I’m grateful to both the Commissioners and the Mayor for the raises given to date; I believe we can all agree we have more work to do where our men and women are concerned about a more competitive compensation plan. Additionally, I was able, with the help of Mayor Jacobs, his finance director, and KCSO’s finance director, to secure multiple one-time bonuses for uniformed and civilian employees. These bonuses were a way to show our appreciation to our employees and let them know we will continue to work toward better pay.

Keeping employees in this climate isn’t easy. Still, I assure you I am doing everything to give the employees of Knox County Sheriff’s Office a better environment and retain these employees.

Vacancies in the workforce are not just a Knox County Sheriff’s Office problem; it’s an almost everywhere problem.