It’s an honor to make this post with our statistics over the past five years and give the credit where credit is due! The Knox County Sheriff’s Office has the absolute best patrol officers, men and women combined, our total numbers for calls for service have decreased, and at the same time, we continued to put more patrol officers on the street. During the height of the pandemic when Knox County Schools were on virtual learning, we utilized our patrol officers assigned to schools as additional patrol officers on various shifts specifically, in our neighborhoods.

Did you know our officers are working diligently to keep our crime statistics down? With a current run of statistics, Knox County processed 165,879 calls for service in 2017, with a lower number of 151,662 calls for service in 2022. I feel confident that the officers doing the job day in and day out continue to keep these numbers down.

As your Sheriff, I am committed to finding ways to support our officers to retain their experience. Crime prevention and safety in our communities and schools are paramount.

As always, I’m honored to serve as your Sheriff!